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Different project, but the same warehouse flooring system

Existing Conditions: The previous floor was an untreated concrete slab with many cracks due to the heavy equipment constantly used in this warehouse. They wanted to upgrade their facility to make maintenance easier and a floor coating system for their quality control. Our experiences as a warehouse flooring contractor allowed us to specify this resinous flooring system.

Preparation of Existing Conditions:  The first step was to diamond grind the floor to remove surface contaminants and any previously applied coating to get a more aggressive profile.


After grinding the floor, we patch all depressions and cracks greater than ½” in-depth and width using a fast cure epoxy patch. The following step is to taper elevation differences on uneven slabs to eliminate, by either grinding or filling with the appropriate product. The second to last step is to sand all patchwork to remove ridges from the previously patched area. Lastly, we vacuumed the entire area to ensure adhesion to the substrate. 

Products Installed:  Once the surface preparation was completed, the next step was to apply the system basecoat. The material chosen was a 100% solid epoxy for the entire area. After the basecoat is applied, we lightly broadcast 40/60 mesh silica and back rolled to encapsulate and create an anti-slip texture. We then inspected the floor for any blemishes that may need to be refined. After the epoxy was cured, we sanded any imperfections and used a fast-cure epoxy to touch up any minor flaws where possible.

Lastly, we apply the system topcoat using an aliphatic urethane coating to ensure the quality of the epoxy flooring system.

Conclusion: The result is a grind and seals concrete system that is seamless, scratch-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing. 

Also, the scratch-resistant urethane topcoat allows the flooring system to retain increased wear, looking good for years to come even with the use of heavy machinery. Give us a call at 732-384-5577 to discuss how the leading warehouse flooring contractor can help you with your next epoxy flooring project.


As you can see this warehouse floor was needed to withstand heavy duty equipment. The photo below depicts our starting point

warehouse flooring contractor-1


As specified we filled all voids deeper than 1/2" and diamond ground the substrate to remove any rough edges, as well as, minimize any deviations of the substrate profile

warehouse flooring contractor-2


This system is designed to meet or exceed the client's fitness of purpose, The high sheen and neat appearance can only help in light reflectivity and minimize any airborne dusting etc.

Copy of warehouse flooring contractor-3