Urethane Cement Coating NJ​

Project Overview: Urethane Cement Flooring Installation with Trench Drains for Refrigerated Warehouse.

Existing Conditions: This project involved the re-purposing of a refrigerated warehouse in New Jersey to turn it into a food processing/production facility.

Preparation of existing condition:  Our design team created the trench drain layout to meet up to multiple evacuations. They also optimized the pre-existing slope by using internally pitched drain segments. The concrete was saw cut and excavated to receive the drain segments. Next, all of the segments were set in place and secured so that they wouldn’t move while the concrete fill was placed around them. Once the drains were set and the concrete was cured, the floor prep began for installation of our urethane cement coating NJ.

Products Installed: Once all the prep was completed we applied the system base-coat of Fastop SL urethane cement and broadcast into it using flint shot to create an anti-slip texture. Once the base-coat was cured we ran hand-stones over the floor to ensure an even texture.  Once that was complete we applied the urethane cement topcoat of GP4080 for added compression strength and scratch resistance.​


Conclusion: Our team was able to come in and complete this urethane cement floor installation in under 72 hours. This flooring system will hold up against the extreme cold and provides a durable long-lasting urethane cement coating NJ system.

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