TV Studio Flooring

Project Overview: 3,775 SF TV Studio Flooring

Existing Conditions: In the second phase of a two-part project for our friends over at A&E we were tasked with coming up with a new flooring system for their TV studio in Brooklyn. The challenge with this floor is that it needed to be completely flat and level due to the camera equipment that would constantly be rolling over it so it would not wobble in any way and would ruin the shot. This meant that just coating over the existing slab was out of the question.

Preparation of existing condition: The specific requirements of this floor meant that we had to create a new level of subfloor to go on top of the existing concrete slab. To start this job we used a shot blast machine to mechanically prepare the substrate because the concrete was a newer pour.  We then masked out surrounding areas and made keyways at all terminations. Once all the prep work was complete we patched all imperfections to create a consistent finish surface to again ensure the level finish of the floor.

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Products Installed: After giving the floor a thorough looking over we began to lay down the GP3569 prime coat and allowed for a 24 hour cure time. Once the 3569 was properly cured we applied the GP Trafficote self-leveling epoxy slurry which would add more compression strength and act as the subfloor for our topcoat to bind to. Once the slurry was given time to cure overnight we lightly buffed over the floor to once again ensure that this floor was as level, smooth, and consistent as possible. Finally, the floor was ready for the topcoat of GP4410 aliphatic urethane which provided the floor with the high sheen finish you see above.

Conclusion: After only 48 hours we were able to get this state of the art Television studio flooring system involved with a completely level surface perfect for the equipment and craftsmanship involved with created A&E's beloved productions. 


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