Self Leveling Epoxy Floors

An epoxy slurry system with an chemical resistant urethane topcoat for the Con Ed generating station in NY

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Different project, but the same resinous flooring system

Existing Conditions: Con Edison contacted our epoxy flooring contracting team to install a self-leveling epoxy floor in a  power station that would be providing power for New York City. This space would house a massive generator and its fixtures. They needed a floor that would remain strong for a long time because it would be sitting under equipment that could not be moved. This project was new construction so our initial preparation was minimal.

Preparation of Existing Conditions: We performed a diamond grinding procedure on the entire substrate to ensure a good bond for our epoxy aggregate flooring. We also edged out the drains and perimeter with hand grinders. We then created keyed edges at all of the termination points such as at doorways and around drains. 

Products Installed: To produce the finished floor, we first primed the surface with an epoxy primer. Once the primer was within the cure window we installed a self-leveling epoxy flooring system.  We also broadcast 40-60 mesh silica sand into the epoxy to create an anti-slip floor coating texture and add to its strength. Finally, we sealed the system by top-coating it with a chemical-resistant epoxy coating.

Conclusion: Working together with our client and installation team we were able to complete this installation during Con Edison's holiday shutdown allowing them to be back on their nonslip epoxy coating system fully operational when they got back in after the new year. 

Here was our existing substrate, in a few short days this would be their new epoxy self-leveling flooring system to run their new generating station at Con Edison.

self leveling epoxy floors-1

As you can see we mechanically abrade the substrate to allow for maximum adhesion and a long-lasting epoxy floor system.

self leveling epoxy floors-2

Finally, our 1/8" self-leveling epoxy flooring system is ready for their use.

self leveling epoxy floors-3