Scratch Resistant Urethane 

Project Overview: Scratch Resistant Urethane flooring for Steel Distribution Warehouse.

Existing Conditions: The previous floor was an untreated concrete slab with many cracks due to the heavy equipment constantly used in this distributing warehouse. GJ Steel wanted to install a resinous floor to make floor maintenance easier and a Scratch Resistant Urethane floor for their warehouse.


Our customer was looking to get this floor done as soon as possible but could not find the perfect time to get this completed due to the high volume of customers and orders. In order to complete this job in a timely fashion without the customer losing money, we decided to divide the project in half. We were able to complete this job in 3 days without closing the warehouse.

Preparation of Existing Conditions:  The first step was to diamond grind the floor to remove surface contaminants and any previously applied coating to get a more mechanical profile.


After grinding the floor, we patch all depressions and cracks greater than ½” in-depth and width in a substrate using fast cure epoxy patch. The following step is to taper elevation differences on uneven slabs to eliminate trip hazards and smooth transitions. The second to last step is to sand all patchwork to remove ridging from the previously patched area. Lastly, we vacuumed the entire area to ensure bond to the substrate. 

Products Installed:  Once the surface preparation was completed, the next step was to apply the system basecoat. The material chosen was ProRez Propoxy, which is 100% solid epoxy for the entire area. After the basecoat is applied we lightly broadcast 40/60 mesh silica and backroll to encapsulate and create an anti-slip texture. Next, we allowed the epoxy to cure and we inspected the floor for any blemishes that may need to be fixed. After, let the epoxy cure we sanded any imperfections and used a fast cure epoxy to repatch certain spots. Lastly, we apply the system topcoat using ProzRez Prothane. 100% sold urethane coating to ensure the quality of the epoxy.

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Conclusion: The end result is a resinous flooring system that is seamless, scratch-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing. This floor will have enough impact resistance to prevent damage from heavy equipment traffic and steel products. Also, the scratch-resistant urethane topcoat ensures that this floor will keep looking good for years to come even with the use of heavy machinery. Give us a call at 800-928-7220 to speak with the best epoxy coating contractors in NJ.

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