Sand Epoxy Flooring

Sand epoxy flooring is an epoxy flooring system using colored sand or quartz to create a beautiful look for any space. It is sometimes referred to as a quartz epoxy floor.

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Different project, but the same resinous flooring system

Existing Condition: Hospitals and their flooring have some of the strictest regulations of any industry. As a result, the floors needed to be expertly specified to meet regulations and the customer’s needs. The previous floor was an old, damaged epoxy flooring system. Ensure the new sand epoxy flooring system has a long lifespan. 

Surface Preparation: Because we were working in a hospital dust containment was of the utmost concern. To make sure any dust created was contained in the room all of the doorways were covered in plastic and taped up. Also, the walls all had to be taped off to prevent damage from surface preparation equipment or material splashing during the installation. To ensure a dust-free environment we used a HEPA filtered vacuum, while diamond grinding with a diamond grinder and then solvent wiped the entire floor.

Products Installed: The first part of the hospital flooring system was a high solids epoxy primer. This product is low in viscosity to promote penetration of the substrate thereby, ensuring the flooring system directly adheres to the substrate. quartz chips, as opposed to an epoxy decorative flake floor, were then broadcast and the excess was swept off. To encapsulate the broadcast a grout coat of a high-solids two-component epoxy resin was applied. Finally, a topcoat of polyaspartic was applied, because it is designed to withstand scratching, abrasion, chemicals moderate impacts, punctures, and stains while providing the same level of chemical resistance as most urethane topcoats. Additionally, this product has a low VOC output so it has minimal odor.

Conclusion: To finish up all of the tape and plastic was removed. The finished floor had a gorgeous quartz aesthetic along with UV resistance and high sheen retention. Because of the extra steps we took to prevent dust accumulation, there was no trace of dust anywhere in the hospital.

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This sand epoxy flooring is being performed in a hospital. They redoing their current quartz flooring system.

sand epoxy flooring-1


At this point, we have masked out all openings to eliminate the possibility of contaminating the surrounding hospital services.

sand epoxy flooring-2


Below is the client's new sand epoxy floor, notice the cant coving eliminating any safe harbor for bacteria.

sand epoxy flooring-3