Restaurant Epoxy Flooring

Project Overview: Restaurant Epoxy Flooring Installation.

Existing Conditions: The existing tile in this restaurant was riddled with cracked and loose bricks throughout the entire area. After sounding out the floor we were able to determine that with some extensive prep work we would be able to install our system over the existing floor

Preparation of existing condition: The first phase of the prep involved diamond grinding to create a mechanical profile for our new urethane cement system. Once the grinding was complete we sound tested the existing tile and overlay; removing any delaminated material.  Once the sounding was complete we had to Pre-fill all voids in the existing substrate using a Fast-cure epoxy patch mortar. While the patches were curing we masked out all areas not to be coating and dropped tape lines for our cove base.

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Products Installed: Once ground & patched, we installed our integrated cove base and proceeded with our urethane slurry application of GP Fastop 12 SL.  In to the slurry, we broadcast a 40/60 mesh silica sand aggregate to create the non-slip texture we previously determined to be ideal for this workspace.


After our resinous slurry had set up we then removed the excessive aggregate and hand stoned the new surface to create a consistent texture for our final topcoat. We applied a top coat of GP4850 polyaspartic for a number of different reasons, this topcoat is antimicrobial and also offers superior chemical, grease, oil, and traffic resistance.  


Conclusion: Typically, when installing this system we prefer to use a cementitious urethane topcoat because it can tolerate higher temperatures from ovens, fryers & any hot greases or oils. But our client needed the space operational as soon as possible so we were tasked with finding a topcoat that would withstand the previously mentioned but would also cure as quickly as possible. The aforementioned polyaspartic allows for foot traffic in as little as 6 hours. This restaurant kitchen floor will serve the restaurant for years to come and provide them with a more durable and sanitary flooring system.

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