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The Reasons To Use An Expert Warehouse Floor Painting Contractor

Updated: Mar 21

While it is becoming common for the virtual office setting, the need for warehouse space is just as important as ever, as storage of equipment and products are just as necessary, as ever. For all the benefits warehouse space provides, it requires a good warehouse floor painting contractor to provide the correct warehouse floor painting and concrete resurfacing. There are many reasons to maintain your warehouse flooring, just to name a few; rough substrate for transporting product loads dust-free, maintaining a dust free workspace and overall employee's safety.

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Some Typical Pitfalls To a Poorly Maintained Warehouse Floor

It is not at all uncommon that we encounter warehouses in bad condition. Some of the more common issues include spalded areas and uneven slab transitions causing significant tire wear and repair along with lost loads and employee injuries. Furthermore, sealing the concrete substrate will minimize any dusting resulting in the soiling of finished products. Finally, by applying a good warehouse floor coating, you will enhance the light reflectivity, creating a more positive and productive workspace.

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Easy Solutions for a Warehouse Floor Contractor

As previously mentioned, an uneven slab can cause expensive repairs and lost loads as the forklift does not have a flexible suspension causing a rough ride and bouncing of the payload. Uneven slabs can be remedied by grinding down the deviation in elevation or filling the difference using engineered concrete that is designed for this type of heavy traffic. An expert warehouse floor contractor would also know filling the control and or expansion joints with a flexible sealant will provide good long-term protection from future spalding of the corners thus eliminating any future problems. Once the repairs are completed, providing a grind and seal concrete floor coating can mitigate surface tension while creating a more positive work environment through light reflectivity and a general cleaner look.

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Grind and Seal Concrete Floors Comes In Many Colors

Grind and seal concrete floor coating is achieved by completing all remedial patching followed by a professional quality diamond grinder that will remove the often soft surface of a concrete substrate, this occurs because of the troweled surface that vibrates the aggregate to the bottom leaving the lower compressive strength 'cream" on top. Removing the softer surface will allow for bonding to a more dense surface and far longer wear of your grind and seal concrete project. Finally, after all the repair and preparation is complete, it is customary to use a two coat warehouse floor painting system that will be provided an epoxy coating of good quality generally 92% solids or better, once cured a final coat of an aliphatic urethane coating to enhance color retention while increasing scratch resistance.

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Warehouse Floor Painting Contractors Will Save You Time And Money

An expert warehouse floor painting contractor, will provide you their past experiences and data sheets to best illustrate for you the benefits in a professionally installed warehouse floor coating. The extra added benefit of using HPS for your next warehouse painting project is our over 30 years in the business, resulting in longer warranty from the manufacturer and the peace of mind of knowing your warehouse floor contractor brings knowledge and pride to each and every project.


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