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Grind and Seal Concrete Floor in Allentown Pa

grind and seal concrete floor pa

This grind and seal concrete flooring project was located in Allentown Pa. It involved 60,000 square feet of reasonably new concrete. The issue was that they had a poor design by spacing control joints too far apart resulting in cracks down the center of each section.

warehouse floor

The space was just leased to a new tenant. Their process involved medical instruments and it was important the floor was free of crevices and open joints for contamination to hide.

grinding concrete

We started by diamond grinding the entire substrate using the specified tooling to achieve the manufacturer's desired profile for an ideal bond. This is the most important phase of the project to ensure a long-lasting warehouse floor painting.

concrete floor

Once all of the diamond grinding is complete it is critical that we remove any loose particles and debris to create a beautiful sheen and even texture.

This picture illustrates our filling of the cracks previously mentioned, using an epoxy paste that leaves very minimal residual epoxy on the surface.

This will ensure the patching doesn't show through our finished warehouse floor coating.

grind and seal concrete floor pa

Here is our finished product this grind and seal concrete flooring project came out very well. Our client was very pleased with the look and cleanliness of the workmanship. The coating involved a high solids epoxy base coat for wear thickness. Then an aliphatic urethane to retain sheen and color long term.


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