• Jeffrey Smedley

Epoxy Resin floor in Langhorne Pa

epoxy resin floor pa

We installed this client's epoxy resin floor located in Langhorne Pa. Their project involved 1,000 square feet in a mechanical room. This epoxy flooring system includes a two-color system to highlight the change in elevation of the equipment pads helping to avoid trip and fall incidences.

mechanical room floor

Here is our starting point. As you can see this epoxy seal coat is worn and definitely in need of renewal. Our first task will be to grind this floor using 70 metal diamond tooling to ensure the correct profile for long-term adhesion. Ultimately, this nonslip epoxy flooring system will be a three-coat system.

This picture depicts our epoxy floor patching. The patching material is made up of epoxy resin and crushed stone. Making patching without leaving a surface irregularity simple and fast.

The anti-slip floor coating will last for quite a few years as this space had minimal traffic.

epoxy floor coating

As previously mentioned, this floor required color coding to minimize any concerns for people to trip on the higher pad heights. We are often sought out where attention to detail is pertinent to a completed project here in Pennsylvania.

epoxy resin floor

Here is our finished epoxy resin flooring system. Please note the texture of our new grind and seal concrete floor. We hope to draw your attention to clean lines and even texture. This floor exceeded our client's expectations there is nothing more satisfying than positive feedback after we complete our epoxy floor projects.


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