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Commercial Kitchen Floor in Bensalem Pa

urethane cement floor

This project involved a concession stand in Bensalem, Pa. They previously had a flood and wanted to install a commercial kitchen floor that could tolerate any future moisture issues. We specified a urethane cement floor system that boasts high bonding capabilities as well as a breathable system.

Installation of a Commercial Kitchen Flooring System

water damaged kitchen floor

This was the substrate after our client removed the loose tile. Our task was to remove any adhesives or any other bond inhibitors to ensure a long-lasting food floor system.

Using our 800-pound diamond grinding equipment with the correct tooling or diamonds to create the profile the material manufacturers required. HPS has a state-of-the-art HEPA vacuum system to avoid any disruption to the surrounding areas.

This picture illustrates the 1/4" urethane cement slurry that will provide 300 pounds per square inch of bonding, in short, the concrete will shear prior to this new floor peeling.

Once applied we broadcasted the customizable aggregate to excess creating the nonslip texture our client desired.

urethane floor coating

Once fully cured we then squeegee applied the urethane cement coating to seal the surface. This system is the ideal foodservice floor, even for restaurant kitchen floors. Urethane cement provides the same expansion characteristics as concrete eliminating the possibility of peeling due to thermal shock, resulting from wash downs and the heat of daily use.

commercial kitchen floor

Here is the finished photo as previously stated because of its bonding qualities this flooring system properly installed should not fail anytime soon. For your food service flooring needs give us a call to see how we can best achieve your needs in a budget-friendly manner.


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