Non Slip Epoxy Coating

A 3D company in NYC looking to upgrade its appearance along with exceeding typical safety standards by way of a nonslip epoxy floor coating.

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Different project, but the same resinous flooring system

Existing Conditions:  Our client was in the process of moving to a new building and called us in to help them with a nonslip epoxy floor coating system on some aisle ways and also some epoxy line striping. The whole job consisted of over 5000 S.F. of aisle ways of which 1000 S.F. of the total required the red epoxy line striping. The existing floor was painted with gray acrylic paint in the past which is not ideal for tire traffic.

Preparation of existing conditions: The first step of the prep phase was to have all of the aisles marked out for a more organized installation process. Once that was complete we began to prep the floor by diamond grinding the entire surface that was to be re-coated. This process removed the existing coating and any other contaminants and opened up the porosity of the concrete which assures a solid bond of our subsequent anti-slip epoxy coating.

Products Installed: The first step for our installation team was to lay down the primer coat of epoxy resin, once that was completed the next step was the apply the base coat. This base consisted of two coats of a 100% solids epoxy coating, that was pigmented bright yellow. Once the yellow base coat had cured, we began the tedious process of taping out our markings for the red epoxy line striping. Our next step was to apply the epoxy line striping, again we used the 100% solids epoxy coating, this time with a safety red pigment. The final step of the installation was the application of a urethane topcoat, we used a urethane with a Satin finish and a non-skid additive for increased employee safety.​

Conclusion: Our self-leveling epoxy floors and epoxy line striping installation are rather straightforward.  We were able to come in on the weekend while the company was closed and have the floor completed by the time they came in on Monday morning. To see more projects from New Jersey's top epoxy aggregate flooring company visit our case study library.


Here is the substrate before our non slip epoxy coating system, which will include an exciting line striping design, showing off our client's safety concerns and allowing them to "wow" their clientele

non slip epoxy coating-1


Here is the base epoxy flooring system with texture added, so that our topcoat will encase the nonslip texture for many years to come.

non slip epoxy coating-2


Our finished nonslip epoxy floor coating, as you can see a lot of expertise went into this project. Needless to say, our client was very pleased.

non slip epoxy coating-3