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Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) is a type of clear, liquid polymer that is used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. One common use of MMA is in the creation of flooring systems.

MMA flooring systems are created by mixing MMA polymer with a hardening agent and then spreading the mixture onto a concrete or other substrate surface. The mixture is then allowed to harden and cure, creating a durable, seamless surface that is resistant to wear and tear chemicals, and other hazards.

One of the key benefits of MMA flooring systems is that they can be applied quickly and easily. The process of installing an MMA floor typically takes only a few hours, and once it is dry it can be used immediately. Additionally, MMA floors are very low-maintenance, requiring only occasional cleaning to keep them looking like new.

Another benefit is that MMA floors are very hard and resistant to impact, heavy traffic, and thermal changes which are popular in industrial, commercial, and institutional settings such as factories, warehouses, and hospitals, because they can withstand high foot traffic, heavy machinery, and chemicals, etc.

mma flooring
mma flooring


Existing Conditions: Before commencement this vestibule at Fort Hamilton Army Base in Brooklyn, NY had an existing epoxy floor that was failing due to a lack of surface preparation and a recommended system that did not fit its environmental concerns.  

Preparation of existing condition: Before installing any floor coating system establishing a clean and sound substrate is critical. Our prep team removed all vinyl cove and any previous coatings from the existing slab and established a mechanical profile in line with our material providers' recommendations using hand grinders with dust covers and double HEPA vacuum systems.

Products Installed: With the need to have our installation done in off-hours while creating a decorative flooring system, or more commonly an epoxy decorative flake our design team specified an MMA flooring system. The vinyl chip flooring system creates a decorative epoxy flooring aesthetic while increasing abrasion and chemical resistance. This MMA system provides the most rapid return to service where decorative epoxy flooring systems are concerned. 

Conclusion: With the timeline being our client's main concern, HPS Corp. utilized an MMA flooring system instead of a sand epoxy flooring system while maintaining the desired aesthetic. Five coat chip broadcast systems, like this one, when done with epoxy will generally take five days to install because the epoxy needs 8-12 hours cure time in between each coat. MMA resins cure in one hour allowing this entire floor to be done from start to finish in just one long day.​​

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