Hangar Flooring

Hangar floor project involving urethane cement flooring to include extensive line markings as per FAA guidelines.

HPS Video

Existing Conditions: The existing hangar flooring was in passable condition but due to the strict FAA compliance guidelines the existing line striping was too faded and present a hazard to pilots when landing. Our client needed this situation rectified as soon as possible.  

Preparation of existing condition: We began the prep phase of this hangar epoxy flooring project by shot blasting the surface with 300-size bead, grinding all angle-iron with diamond wheels, and patching existing divots and cracks.

Products Installed: Knowing the slab's stability and age, we did not specify an elastomeric floor coating before our installation. We primed with an epoxy primer to a nominal thickness of 2-4 mils. We next applied a urethane cement slurry as a 1/8th” broadcast system and an anti-slip aggregate. To alleviate glare for the pilots and to further protect the surface, we top-coated with a cement urethane in a matte finish at 5-10 mils. Finally, we applied all of the line striping needed for FAA-compliant use with a reflective urethane to which we added a glass bead aggregate.

Conclusion: This aircraft hangar flooring project was unique due to the function and location of the job. It is not every day we are asked to perform a job on the water. The major hurdle with this install was making sure we specified products that would hold up against the changing seasons and would not fade from constant exposure to the sun. When specifying any resinous flooring project, the fitness of purpose is always critical for example a textured resinous flooring system of this type would not be ideal for a cleanroom flooring system do its rough texture.


After the slurry system was applied we began the process of marking out and applying the specified line-markings.
hangar flooring-1


Filling in more detail on the line-markings using an aliphatic urethane to retain color and sheen.
hangar flooring-2


Here is our finished hangar flooring system with all of the markings using a multitude of colors being careful to have clear and clean lines.
Hangar flooring-3