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Grind and Seal Concrete

There are several benefits to using concrete and sealing concrete surfaces:

  1. Durability: Concrete is a very durable material that can withstand heavy traffic and wear and tear. When sealed, it becomes even more resistant to damage from water, salt, and other elements.

  2. Low Maintenance: Concrete surfaces are generally low maintenance and easy to clean. They do not require regular refinishing or sealing like other materials, such as wood or stone.

  3. Versatility: Concrete can be used in a wide range of applications, including floors, walls, countertops, and more. It can also be finished in a variety of ways to suit different design needs.

  4. Sustainability: Concrete is a natural, abundant material that can be made with recycled materials. It is also recyclable itself, making it a sustainable choice for construction and design projects.

  5. Cost-Effective: Concrete is generally less expensive than other materials, such as brick, stone, or wood. It is also a long-lasting material, so it can save money in the long run by not requiring frequent repairs or replacements.

grind and seal concrete
grind and seal concrete
grind and seal concrete

Grind and Seal Concrete Project

Existing Conditions: We were doing an installation for our clients' storage room, and they loved our job so much that they wanted us to complete their cafeteria floors. This Cafeteria floor had many cracks in the concrete and was very difficult to keep sanitary, especially due to the spillage of food and beverages. Our client was looking for a more aesthetically pleasing floor while also having a floor that is easier to keep clean for many years to come without breaking the bank.

Preparation of Existing Conditions: The existing concrete floor was in good condition foundationally but still required diamond grinding to create a mechanical profile to remove any surface contaminants and allow resins to adhere well. In addition, our installation team edged all the walls to floor joints to ensure quality bonding throughout. From there we created keyways at all terminations to eliminate elevation differences where the new flooring meets the existing substrate. Next, we vacuumed the entire space to remove all dust particles. Finally, we patched any imperfections using quick-cure epoxy putty to ensure the floor will be a flat surface everywhere and now we are ready to apply the broadcast coat.

Products Installed: The first step of the installation for the warehouse floor painting system on this cafeteria floor was to apply the system primer, which is100% solid epoxy hybrid for moisture vapor barrier up to 99% RH. Once we applied the system primer, we were ready to apply the base coat, 100% solid epoxy. Lastly, our installation team applies the system grout coat and system topcoat, 100% solid scratch resistant topcoat to ensure the longevity of the floors.

Conclusion: This installation was rather routine, and done extremely quickly. When our client told us he wanted this done in three days, our crew worked overtime to ensure this resinous floor would be done on time and properly.  Our epoxy floor company was able to create a cafeteria flooring system that would not only be eye-catching but would have to be fully chemical resistant and hold up against food, beverages, and oils. 

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