Food Service Flooring

Foodservice flooring entails many types of business concerns, including restaurants, commercial kitchens, industrial kitchen flooring and wash down areas.

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1,500 square feet-Restaurant Kitchen Flooring

This project involved a urethane cement flooring system with a 4" radius coving to create a "bird bath" effect mitigating any standing water or bacteria-harboring.

restaurant kitchen flooring-3

3,000 square feet-Commercial Kitchen Flooring

A urethane cement flooring project at Liberty Science Center in NJ.

commercial kitchen flooring-3

5,000 square feet of Epoxy Kitchen Flooring

A case study of a dry food packaging facility making an epoxy system the ideal choice of resinous flooring.

epoxy kitchen flooring-3

3,000 square feet of Food Floor System

A food floor system for Evil Twin Brewery using a urethane cement flooring system.

food floor system-3