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Food and Beverage Floors
Benefits and Costs

Introducing Food and Beverage Floors, the perfect solution for your commercial kitchen or restaurant flooring needs. Our floors are specifically designed to provide you with numerous benefits that will make your daily operations easier, safer, and more efficient. Visit saving money on food and beverage flooring for more details.

food and beverage floors
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Food and beverage floors are an essential part of any commercial kitchen floor or food production facility. These types of floors are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, spills, and constant cleaning, making them the ideal choice for food and beverage facilities.


Benefits of Food and Beverage Floors:


One of the primary benefits of food and beverage floors is their durability. These floors are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and equipment, as well as frequent cleaning and exposure to liquids. They are made of materials that are resistant to stains, moisture, and chemicals, ensuring they can withstand the demands of a busy food and beverage facility.


Food and beverage floors are designed to be hygienic, which is critical in food production facilities. They are non-porous and seamless, which means they do not harbor bacteria or germs. These floors can be easily cleaned and sanitized, ensuring a safe and clean environment for food preparation.


Food and beverage floors are slip-resistant, which is critical in any food production facility. They are designed to provide a safe surface for employees to walk on, even when the floor is wet or oily. This reduces the risk of slips and falls, which can be hazardous in a food production facility.


Food and beverage floors are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, which means they can be customized to match the aesthetic of any facility. They can be made to look like natural stone or tile, giving them a high-end look without the high-end cost.

Costs of Food and Beverage Floors:

Installation Costs

The cost of installing food and beverage floors can vary depending on the size of the facility and the materials used. However, in general, these floors are more cost effective than traditional flooring options, for both commercial, as well as, restaurant kitchen floors due to their specialized design and installation requirements.

Maintenance Costs

While commercial kitchen floors are durable and hygienic, they do require regular maintenance to keep them looking and performing their best. This includes daily cleaning, periodic deep cleaning, and the occasional repair or replacement of damaged sections. It is a good rule of thumb that you will see a 30% reduction in cleaning costs with resinous flooring.

Budgetary Cost: Depending upon resin type and size a budgetary cost can be anywhere from $5.00 to 15.00 dollars per square foot.

food and beverage floor cost
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Conclusion of a Food And Beverage Floor

Food and beverage floors are an excellent choice for any commercial kitchen or food production facility. They offer a wide range of benefits, including durability, hygiene, safety, and aesthetics. While they can be more expensive to install and maintain than traditional flooring options, their long-term benefits make them a wise investment for any food and beverage facility.

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