ESD Epoxy Flooring

Project Overview: ESD Epoxy Flooring Installation for New Jersey Pharmaceutical Company 

Existing Conditions: This ESD epoxy flooring project involved the application of approximately 380 Sq. Ft. of an electrostatic dissipative flooring system for a newly converted laboratory clean room with existing VCT tile. 

Preparation of existing condition: We began by removing 3 layers of VCT tile. We also removed some previously installed patching material that was inadequate for our coating system. After all of the tile and patch were removed, we began prepping the floor with diamond grinders. This diamond grinding process removes the adhesive left behind from the tile and it creates a mechanical profile that assures a solid bond of our subsequent flooring materials.

Preparation of Existing Condition: Once the floor was properly prepped and all of the patching was completed, we were ready to install our ESD epoxy flooring system, our crew applied the ESD primer coat. This electrostatic dissipative primer is a two-component, 100% solids epoxy coating.


The next step in the process was the installation of an integral cove base. This cove base was created utilizing the same ESD epoxy materials that would soon be applied to the flooring surface. After the cove base and primer were cured, the ESD epoxy base coat was applied. Additionally, a copper strip was installed to ground the floor.


The final step of the installation was the application of the ESD top coat. This topcoat is an epoxy/urethane coating that provides the static dissipative properties as well as protection from chemicals and the ultimate in wear resistance and cleanability. 

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Conclusion: This flooring installation was absolutely vital to this facility as  It protects the building from catastrophic explosions and fires caused by an electrostatic discharge igniting flammable vapors or explosives. Our client can rest assured knowing they made their facility safer for all employees with our ESD epoxy flooring system. 

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