Epoxy Kennel Floors

Project Overview: Epoxy Kennel Floors for Animal Hospital.

Existing Conditions: Our client contacted us to construct a new epoxy kennel flooring system for their facility. They requested a single flooring system to encompass every area of their operation and wanted something both decorative and functional. This meant that our engineer needed to specify a system that would look good but also stand up to uric acids, caustic cleaners and aggressive wash down procedures.

Preparation of existing condition: To prepare the surface, we first created the proper profile with a planetary diamond grinder and edged all perimeters and sensitive areas by hand. After preparing the entire substrate we applied an epoxy primer and installed 4” cove base. This cove base would eliminate the 90° angles where liquids could pool and ensured that the floor would be easy to wash down.

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Products Installed: For the base of our flooring system, we applied an epoxy resin glaze into which we broadcast a custom-blended quartz aggregate. This quartz broadcast matched the colors of the company’s logo, providing a decorative surface while also strengthening the floor and providing a non-slip surface. We then applied a grout-coat of a chemical resistant epoxy that would fend off any damages from animal urine or caustic cleansers. We finished the entire system by top-coating with an epoxy gloss coat, giving the client the glass-like surface they desired.

Conclusion: This highly customized floor was installed in five days and left the client with beautiful surface that would also stand up to their daily tasks. These epoxy kennel floors will hold to anything the animals can throw at them for years to come.


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