Epoxy Garage Flooring

Project Overview: 861 SF Decorative Epoxy Garage Flooring Installation.

Existing Conditions: A local homeowner reached out to us after seeing one of our videos online. He had just finished remodeling a beautiful home in Seaside NJ and felt that the bare concrete slab in his garage didn't match up with the rest of the beautiful interior of his home. However, he knew that any regular epoxy coating wouldn't do since he had been experiencing moisture issues since his house sat only one foot above sea level. Working hand in hand with our design team we were able to specify a system that would not only hold up against the constant moisture but would turn his bare concrete slab into a beautiful showroom worthy floor.

Preparation of Existing Conditions: Our installation team began by diamond grinding the entire substrate to remove any grease or oils from the concrete slab establishing a mechanical profile. The next step was to edge out all wall to floor joints and Install keyways at all terminations to ensure clean lines with uniform thickness. Once the keyways were completed we patched any imperfections greater than ½” using quick-cure epoxy patching material. Once the concrete prep work was thoroughly completed we vacuumed up all debris and solvent wiped the floor to once again ensure we had a perfect mechanical profile for our prime coat to bond to.

Products Installed: The first step of this epoxy garage flooring was the most pivotal to the success of the longevity of the floor. We began by applying a system primer of Fastop MVT. MVT is a moisture vapor control system specially designed to be applied to concrete to control moisture vapor emissions eliminating the delamination issues our client feared living just barely above sea level. The next step was to broadcast 40/60 mesh silica sand for extra compressive strength to hold up against the constant weight of vehicles.


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Once the prime coat cured we swept off the excess sand and encapsulated it with a system body coat of  A GP 3569; standard epoxy binder. Before the body coat cured we broadcast to rejection a custom blend of tweed vinyl chip for the beautiful decorative finish you see below.  


After the chips were given time to adhere to the body coat we scraped the floor to remove any loosely adhered chips and sealed them in with a grout coat of GP 3746; 100% solid chemical resistant epoxy to help protect against any fluid the garage might be exposed to. The final step was to apply the topcoat of GP 4410; UV and scratch-resistant urethane coating to protect against exposure from the sun and any daily abuse the floor might be exposed to.

Conclusion: Our installation team left no stone unturned in order to ensure our client this garage would hold up against the moisture is was constantly subjected to. Our hybrid MVT Urethane system made for a state of the art flooring system which is not only anti-slip but chemical, stain, UV and scratch-resistant too, ensuring your epoxy garage flooring performs well for many years to come.

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