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Project Overview: Urethane Cement Flooring Installation.

Existing Conditions: The existing concrete slab was becoming a serious safety concern after years of being exposed to harsh chemicals/ acids and moisture from the tanks kept in the company's pump house. The existing concrete had spots where the bluestone was showing and creating areas where contaminants would puddle.  It was absolutely imperative this floor be as chemically resistant as possible while being able to withstand high-pressure washdowns and thermal shock.

Preparation of existing condition: Before we could begin our typical process of diamond grinding we had to pressure wash substrate to remove any grease or heavy concentration of slab contamination since this floor was absolutely saturated. Once the pressure washing was complete we did a Diamond grind entire surface to establish a mechanical profile and to mitigate dust.


 Once the grinding was completed and the remaining debris disposed of we Chipped out any existing patches where the floor was loosely bonded. When then address the patches by Repair any spalded and or delaminated surfaces, using engineered concrete. We took it one step further by repairing all depressions greater than ½” and parged perimeter walls where applicable to create a smooth surface. Finally, we were ready to install coving to tank bases and where applicable before beginning our coating.

Products Installed: We began the installation process by applying a slurry of GP Fastop Slurry; Cement Urethane for added impact, compressive strength, and chemical resistance. Into the slurry, we broadcast to excess using 40/60 mesh silica sand to create a safe anti-slip texture. Once the excess sand was swept off and the floor was thoroughly cured we Stoned the floor to remove minor imperfections to create an even texture. 

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After ensuring the floor was blemish-free we applied safety yellow line striping at all trip hazard areas using Macropoxy 646. Before the lines could fully cure we top-coated the entire floor with GP 3746; 100% solid chemical resistant epoxy.

Conclusion: HPS has access to a variety of resinous flooring materials with exceptionally high ASTM ratings which specify the level of chemical resistance provided. Our access to these highly chemically-resistant resins along with our engineering team’s experience in chemical facility design makes it simple to design & build a robust and long-lasting chemical resistant flooring system. To see more from the top epoxy flooring contractors ny visit our case study library.

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