Epoxy Floor Coating


Project Overview: Epoxy Floor Coating With Slope for Brewery.

Existing conditions: The existing concrete was in fair condition but there was a number of cracks and chunks of concrete missing which required us to patch, especially around the joints.

Preparation of existing condition: To start the prep phase we began by diamond grinding the entire substrate to remove the existing coating and create a mechanical profile. Next, we created keyways at all terminations and where sloping material was to terminate.


Then we saw cut at termination ½”-1/4” depth and tapered back towards the floor 2” to ensure material maintains recommended thickness while eliminating the elevation difference. Once that was complete we installed sloping “east” of the drains at ¼” fall per foot and 1/8” fall per foot west of drains using CTS cement all; 9000PSI polymer modified cementitious fill.


Finally, once all the sloping and concrete work was done we diamond ground the new slope to remove laitance and create a mechanical profile and created new keyways at drains where the slope was installed. At last, we finished up by vacuuming the entire space to ensure a bond directly to the substrate.

Products Installed: Once the extensive prep work was finished we started work around the perimeter and installed the radial 4-inch cove base using a 100% solid epoxy mortar. Once the cove was cured we applied the system basecoat of Fastop 12S; 3/16-1/4” urethane cement mortar and into that we broadcast to rejection using 20/40 mesh silica sand to create an anti-slip surface.



Once the basecoat cured enough for foot traffic we swept the excess silica and stoned entire floor to include coves to remove minor blemishes and to ensure a consistent texture. After that, we saw cut around all joints and filled them using a  flexible joint material. Once the joint material hardened we applied system grout coat/prime coat of GP 3569; high-solid epoxy coating. Once that was cured we applied the system topcoat of GP 4411 with high-wear additive; aliphatic urethane to resist scratching UV degradation and aid in sheen retention.

Conclusion: Beyond the high ratings for chemical resistance of these products, we also specified them for the quick turn-around time, impact and scratch resistance. This floor will be able to hold up to any spills and or leaks without ever penetrating the coating.

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