Epoxy Aggregate Flooring

Epoxy aggregate flooring system for a machine designed to withstand the impact of dropped tooling, as well as, a nonslip texture for employee's safety.

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Existing Conditions: The customer had a pre-existing concrete slab with a very old coating system which was in rough shape since it could not tolerate the current conditions. Such as; steam wash downs, heavyweight loads, and chemical attacks, so we specified an epoxy aggregate flooring system to replace it.

Preparation of existing condition: We identified all failures in the existing slab/coating, we then saw cut beyond the perimeter of each crack and removed all debris. Once removed, each depression was patched and filled with a rapid setting repair mortar. After all of the patching material was set, the entire surface was prepped using a diamond grinder which creates the mechanical profile necessary to achieve a strong bond to the substrate.

This will create a good glue line for the anti-slip floor coating.

Once the mechanical profile was established we vacuumed up the remaining debris and solvent wiped the entire area to remove any dust particles left behind. Before we could move on to the installation there was a 15 foot long 3-foot wide ramp that needed to be installed. 

The existing patch had delaminated due to intense forklift traffic and poor sloping. We removed the existing patch, mechanically prepared the area with hand grinders, and primed it using  100% solids epoxy. After giving 2 hours for a primer to dry we screened an epoxy aggregate flooring mortar to transition the elevation difference allowing a permanent solution.

Products Installed: The installation was rather quick and routine we Installed  ⅛ “ urethane cement slurry and broadcast to rejection using a 40/60 mesh sand for added anti-slip protection and impact resistance. Before we could topcoat the area we swept away any excess broadcast and stoned down any imperfections. Finally, the area was ready to receive the topcoat of 100% solids epoxy which will result in a nonslip epoxy coating to hold up against the intense forklift and foot traffic the area was exposed to.

Conclusion: The result is a beautiful and durable epoxy aggregate flooring system designed to hold up against extreme traffic and impact. This hybrid self-leveling epoxy flooring system will hold up exponentially longer than the previous coating system that was applied.


2,000 square foot machine shop, as you can see this substrate required degreasing as well as a lot of patching and abrasion in preparation for the new epoxy aggregate flooring system.

epoxy aggregate flooring-1


Here is our hybrid epoxy flooring system, before the urethane topcoat to create good sheen retention, as well as, enhanced scratch resistance.

epoxy aggregate flooring-2


Here is our unique epoxy aggregate flooring system. It is ready for many years of service, in addition to the neat and clean look, it will be easy to keep clean for a long time to come.

epoxy aggregate flooring-3