Elastomeric Flooring

Project Overview: Elastomeric flooring for Corporate Park.

Existing Conditions: Our client contacted us to resurface their parking garage. The parking deck had an existing coating that was poorly installed. This badly delaminated parking garage coating needed to be removed prior to us installing an elastomeric flooring system that would stand up to the uses of a parking garage.

Preparation of existing condition: To start our team removed the old floor coating using a diamond grinder, and vacuumed up the residual concrete dust. Once that was complete we began to repair the concrete that was damaged, to do so we patched and resurfaced the afflicted areas of the concrete substrate using TPM 711, an engineered concrete.

Products Installed: To begin the installation we primed the surface with an epoxy primer that would bind to all oil-soaked and fluid stained areas. This primer is necessary to assure a good bond of the flooring system to the substrate. 


Once the primer was necessarily cured, we applied FasTop SL to the entire surface. This durable cement urethane product provides a proper base for a parking garage coating system. Into this base, we broadcast a 30-mesh sand aggregate, which would give the floor some texture and also increase its compression strength.



We then grout-coated with the same FasTop material for a long-wear cycle and finished the floor by top-coating with GP 3746. GP 3746 is a hard-wearing, chemical resistant, impact, and abrasion-resistant epoxy floor coating.

Conclusion: This new urethane cement slurry parking garage floor coating will perform immeasurably better than the existing coating our client had in place. Our parking garage flooring system is specially designed to withstand the high levels of traffic that it will receive and which will also withstand any automotive fluids that it might see.

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