Decorative Epoxy Floors

We install decorative epoxy floors coming in many shapes and sizes, a few examples:

-quartz epoxy flooring

-metallic epoxy flooring

-epoxy flake flooring

just to name a few

HPS Video

500 square feet Sand Epoxy Flooring-Hospital

Here is the existing sand epoxy flooring, the client wanted to replace to ensure a long-lasting bacteria-free surface.

sand epoxy flooring-3

300 square feet of an Epoxy Decorative Flake Floor

Vinyl chip epoxy flooring for a large bottling concern in NJ.

epoxy decorative flakes-3

500 square feet of MMA Flooring for Fort Hamilton

This MMA flooring system was used to allow for a one-day installation, resulting in a quick return to service.

mma flooring-3