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Project Overview: Concrete Flooring Repairs for Staten Island Ferry

Existing Conditions: Staten island ferry had an existing diamond plate at their entrance vestibule to act as a dirt catcher as people were entering the main terminal. SIF had the area surrounding the plate with the tile but they didn’t want to lay down tile in its place as it was consistently cracking and the grout lines would get dirty. Working together with our design team we were able to do a custom color match to the existing tile and match up the elevation of the existing tiles exactly to make it look like one continuous floor.

Preparation of Existing Condition: The first step of this installation was to remove the existing diamond plate and clean out the debris underneath. Once the diamond plate was removed we prepped the concrete underneath with hand grinders to prepare the concrete for our urethane cement slurry.

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Products Installed: To start the installation we laid Fastop urethane cement at a thickness of  ¾ of an inch to meet the existing elevation of the tile. Once the Fastop was laid down we broadcast 40/60 mesh silica sand and buffed it down so our first coat of 4850 had something to bond to because the urethane cement cures so rapidly. Next, we began our first of three coats of 4850 polyaspartic quikcure system to have the area fully functional the next day. The first coat acted as a bond coat for the colored quartz, the second coat sealed them in and the final coat was an additional topcoat for added chemical, scratch, and impact resistance. This final topcoat would also make the sheen last longer.  

Conclusion: This ferry mezzanine gets between 50 to 60,000 visitors a day, it encounters everything from coffee spills to intense chemicals and immense foot traffic. This floor is just the start of over 100,000 square feet we will be installing for Staten Island Ferry over the next month. To see more from the best concrete flooring repairs NJ has to offer to visit our case study library.


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