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Project Overview: Decorative Garage Flooring Installation.

Existing Conditions: In an effort to increase our decorative flooring portfolio as concrete floor coating contractors we helped a local family give an upgrade to their residential garage. They wanted something that was going to be aesthetically pleasing but wanted to make sure that it would hold up over time and not have to be continuously maintained like the previous coating system that had been installed. Our Decorative Mosaic floor system was the perfect solution.

Preparation of Existing Conditions: Like with most of our installations we began by diamond grinding the entire substrate to remove the existing coating, establishing a mechanical profile. The next step was to edge out all wall to floor joints to ensure quality preparation of slab. Once the edging process was complete we Installed keyways at all terminations to ensure system thickness with a feathered edge. After the keyways were created we vacuumed the entire space and solvent wipe to remove all dust particles Finally we patched any imperfections greater than ½” using quick-cure epoxy patching.

Products Installed: Once the floor was thoroughly prepped we applied a system primer of GP 3579; standard epoxy primer binder resin. After that prime coat was cured we added an additional coat of 3579 to act as the body coat for our decorative flakes.  From there we broadcast the custom vinyl flakes into the 3759, once the entire surface area was covered we swept away the excess broadcast and scraped the floor to remove any loosely adhered chips to create the beautiful color scheme you see above. After that was given ample time to cure we sealed in the flakes using a grout coat of GP4850; UV and scratch-resistant polyaspartic coating. After that was given time to cure we took this floor once step further by adding an additional topcoat of GP4850.

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Conclusion: Gp4850 is a top of the line coating which is not only anti-slip but chemical, stain, UV and scratch-resistant too, ensuring this concrete floor coating to holds up for years to come .

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