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Project Overview: Bathroom and Kitchen Flooring Installation for VA hospital.

Existing Conditions: Our client had existing vinyl welded flooring in all the shower and bathroom areas through their facility as well as a kitchen area. The vinyl welded flooring was bubbling and delaminating throughout all of the bathrooms due to years of abuse.

Preparation of existing condition: The first step of this installation was to saw cut beyond the perimeter of failure and remove the vinyl flooring. We began by peeling away enough covering in a corner until we could determine which way the flooring ran. Next, we cut through the vinyl in about 6-inch-wide strips in the same direction the floor ran to minimize any chances of cutting across the grain. Next, we Heat the linoleum with a specialized non-open flame heat gun to maintain a safe work environment, and then pried it up while the glue was still soft.


Next, we scraped away as much of the remaining glue while being careful not to gouge the floor. Once all the vinyl was gone and the floor was filled to be made flush we used our diamond grinders to remove and glue residue and to create a mechanical profile. We finished the prep phase by installing our 6 “ cove base to all wall and floor joints and filling any voids using epoxy coating with cabosil to create a consistent finish look.

Products Installed: We specified a GP 12s Fastop urethane cement slurry system as it would feet the needs of both areas, due to its impact, thermal shock, scratch, and chemical resistance. After laying out the slurry we broadcast to excess using 40/60 mesh sand for added impact and slip resistance. Once the floor was given ample cure time we swept off the excess aggregate, inspected the floor and buffed out any rough areas to once again ensure a consistent finish look. Once any imperfections were addressed we applied our coat of GP 4850 Polyaspartic quick cure coating.

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Conclusion: After multiple conversations between our design and installation team we were able to come up with a system that would uniformly meet all our clients' needs in both specified areas. As this installation was performed for a Veteran hospital which never closed we needed to perform this installation without disrupting the daily routine of both its employees an inhabitants. We were apple to specify and odor-free, quick cure system which allowed this installation to be completed in only 48 hours.

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