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Clean Room Epoxy Flooring

A clean room epoxy floor is a type of flooring commonly used in environments where high levels of cleanliness and contamination control are required, such as in laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, and semiconductor production plants. The epoxy material used for these floors is formulated to be resistant to chemicals, abrasion, and impact, and can also be designed to be conductive to dissipate static electricity. The surface of the floor is often sealed with a clear coating to make it easy to clean and maintain. Clean room epoxy floors are typically installed by professional epoxy flooring companies who have experience working in clean room environments.

clean room flooring
clean room floor
clean room epoxy flooring

Clean Room Epoxy Floor Project

Existing Conditions: This job was for a clean room in a pharmaceutical compounding facility in New Providence NJ.  In short, a compounding facility is where a licensed pharmacist, combines, mixes, or alters ingredients of a drug to create a medication tailored to the needs of an individual patient. That being said it was imperative this floor was as sterile as possible and met any ISO cleanroom standards, upon visual inspection, we determined an elastomeric floor coating was not required, this meant there could be absolutely no cracks or crevices which would allow dust and microbes to grow and spread, which would contaminate the room.​

Preparation of Existing Conditions: We began the prep phase by diamond grinding the entire substrate to remove surface contaminants and create a mechanical profile.

Next, our team installed keyways at all terminations to ensure system thickness while meeting termination elevations.

Once the keyways were complete the entire space was vacuumed and solvent wiped to remove any dust particles. This step is crucial, as any debris will prevent the epoxy coating system from adhering to the substrate. The final step was to apply tape lines on the walls at 4” heights to make sure we have the correct elevation on our cove base and to prevent any material splatters on the wall.

Products Installed: To guarantee our cove base mortar would adhere to the wall we first applied a primer to all of the walls. Next, we applied cove mortar to create a radial cove base with a 4” height and a ¾” radius. To remove any imperfections in the cove base we then stoned the entire surface. 

Conclusion: This floor needed to be as sterile as possible and meet any ISO cleanroom standards. This meant there could be absolutely no crack or crevices which would allow dust and microbes to grow/spread and would contaminate the room. This makes seamless flooring the best application when dealing with a cleanroom.

Clean rooms are found in a variety of facilities that service the pharmaceutical, vaccine, and biotechnology industries, to name a few.

As a part of our free consultation, we determine the right epoxy flooring system for the right situation as example we would specify a hangar flooring system or anything that texture might trap dirt and bacteria.

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