Chemical Resistant Epoxy Floors

Project Overview: Chemical Resistant Epoxy Floors Installed for Pilot Chemical.

Existing Conditions: The existing flooring system needed to be completely rehauled in order to protect against moisture and harsh chemicals. We noticed that there was an overlay with the concrete slab so we had to chip out 3 yards of concrete because the previous tenant set a drain and the low spot in the floor was at the drain. All of the concrete had moisture underneath it so we needed to remove that all because in order to put in a seamless flooring system its needs to be bonded to something that is sound. So we took out the concrete around the drain to a 4” depth to expose the original, sound floor.

Preparation of existing condition: The most important part of the prep phase was bringing the existing floor up to snuff to provide a surface area for the decorative mosaic system. We began by using 30 grit inserts to create a mechanical profile and remove surface contaminants  Once the grinding was complete we applied a Rapid Set Acrylic Primer to 26x14 area and followed up on the prime coat by applying Rapid Set LevelFlor to 26x14 area at a nominal thickness of ½”.


Once the extra prep work was done for the specialized 26 by 14 area we Created keyways at all terminations by saw cutting ¼” in-depth and tapering back towards floor 2”; to ensure similar elevations at surrounding heights while maintaining recommended system thickness. We also swept away the excess sand. Once the excess sand was swept away we applied a  broadcast coat of GP 3569; standard high-solid epoxy.


This general-purpose high solids epoxy resin coating acted as the broadcast coat for 1/4" color flakes. Once the flakes were applied we swept away excess broadcast and scraped the floor to remove any vertical sitting flake. Once the flakes were securely in place we applied a system grout coat: GP 4850; UV and chemical resistant polyspartic clear coat. After allowing the grout coat time to cure we followed it up with an additional topcoat of GP4850 with 220 grit aluminum oxide additive for additional texture.

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Conclusion: For this job, we really had to get creative in order to bring the existing floor up to compliance while still delivering a quality floor system with decorative tones. We felt a cementitious urethane overlay would provide the customer with chemical and impact resistance that they needed to have a long term flooring solution. Another factor that led us to this specification was the time constraints. The customer wanted a decorative flake flooring solution installed in 3 days, which is difficult considering all of the remedial work. So we specified all quick cure products. To get chemical resistant epoxy floors in your facility click the contact us button!

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