Chemical Resistant Epoxy Coating

Project Overview: Chemical Resistant Epoxy Coating System for a Forklift battery Charging Area in Cranbury, NJ

Existing Conditions: Our client contacted us after recently purchasing a new warehouse space that they had converted into a large scale fulfillment center. The existing warehouse space was in good standing but they needed a specialized coating in their forklift charging area due to the corrosive nature of battery acids and the constant heavyweight of the forklifts themselves.

Preparation of existing condition: As is the case with most of our installations we began by Diamond grinding the entire substrate to remove surface contaminants and to establish a mechanical profile. Once the grinding was complete we edged all wall to floor joints to ensure quality preparation of slab. Once the joint work was finished our team vacuumed the entire space and solvent wiped to remove all dust particle Patch any imperfections greater than ½” using quick-cure epoxy patching once again ensuring a strong mechanical profile.

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Products Installed: We began by priming the entire surface with an epoxy primer of GP 3477; water-based epoxy primer to allow fast cure and penetration of slab. Once that was given sufficient cure time we Apply system basecoat: GP 3741; 100% solid chemical-resistant novolac epoxy. Novolac epoxy resists vapor, splash, spillage or immersion to certain aggressive acids, alkalies, and solvents. This material bonds aggressively to properly prepared and primed substrates, protecting the substrate from damaging chemicals. Once the first coat was down we Lightly broadcast 40/60 mesh silica to increase anti-slip texture and backroll to encapsulate. After seeping away from the excess broadcast we applied an additional topcoat of gp3741 novolac for additional chemical resistance.


Conclusion: Our installation team worked for hand in hand with our material provider to specify the perfect system for this floor. Novolac epoxy is the perfect flooring solution for anyone dealing with highly corrosive material.

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