Case Study Brewery Flooring​

Epoxy Brewery Floor for Evil Twin Brewery 

Project Overview

The customer recently moved into a 5000 square foot facility and needed to have his existing concrete flooring addressed for a brewery process. Working with the General Contractor we designed and installed flooring systems that met the needs of each area within the Evil Twin Brewery process. 

This included an impact resistant floor system for their barrel aging room and a chemical resistant topcoat throughout the brewery and bottling areas to eliminate any concerns of staining or chemical attack from lactic acids, and other common splash and spill concerns. To go further a thermal shock resistant base layer of ¼” was installed to allow varying temperature exchanges to occur while providing a durable system with long life cycle.

Project Details

Location:  Ridgewood, NY

Products: GP Fastop 12S:  Urethane Cement mortar; GP 4850: Polyaspartic coating; MM RS-88: Polyurea joint fill

Type of Business:  Brewery

Size/Sq Ft:  5000 sq. ft.

The Process

Step 1: Preparing the slab: Our crew scarified the existing slab to create a deep profile for our ¼” floor system


Step 2: Mark out all joints to locate expansion joints for treatment after our seamless floor is installed

Step 3: Install key channels at all terminations: to allow for ¼” thickness of our applied floor while leaving similar surrounding heights of trench drains and doorways


Step 4: Install ¼” urethane cement mortar to create thermal and impact resistant floor system


Step 5: Install 4" integral radius coving to all wall to floor joints: ensuring sanitary conditions and low maintenance for wash down


Step 6: Apply system topcoat: Polyaspartic coating; chemical and abrasion resistant topcoat with high-temperature capability 


Step 7: Sawcut joints and install polyurea joint material to allow expansion contraction of our seamless system

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We were brought into a project on short noticed and asked to take this project over from a previous flooring contractor. The General Contractor needed to fast track the entire project to make-up for lost time. Beyond specifying the material, we would need to mobilize our labor and schedule deliveries to perform the installation within a short period of time.

HPS's Solution

We worked hand in hand with the General Contractor to allow other trades to complete their tasks while placing our installation on the schedule within one week from the original walk-through. From here we used fast curing products to allow our installation to be completed within 2 days leaving our final day to sawcut joints and hand the space back to the client on day 3. 

This project formed a great relationship with the General Contractor and has brought us to becoming one of the largest installers of Brewery Flooring within the New York and New Jersey area.

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