Brewery Floors

Project Overview: Brewery Floors Installed.

Existing Conditions: Our client had recently purchased a new warehouse for their expanding brewery and after removing the existing carpet the floor was way worse than he could have ever anticipated. The issue was that the existing slab had varying elevations that needed to be sloped, the floor was deeply pitted and covered with carpet glue from the prior tenant.

Preparation of existing condition: To start the process we milled the top layer of the existing slab to expose white concrete using diamond grinders to create a mechanical profile.  It was imperative we remove the top layer which was covered with carpet glue which would lead to a system failure. The deeply pitted areas were flattened using quick cure epoxy patch to allow for a more smooth and operational floor for forklift traffic.  

We also needed to address a subpar patch job that was installed prior to our installation. There was an existing difference in elevation between an expansion joint where two slabs met. The existing patch had delaminated and was only 12 inches which wouldn’t serve as an adequate fix even if it hadn't delaminated due the poor slope. We removed the existing patch, mechanically prepared the area with hand grinders and primed it using a rapid set acrylic primer. After giving 2 hrs fora primer to dry we screened rapid sets level floor to transition the elevation difference allowing a permanent solution.

Products Installed: Finally, our team was ready to begin the two-coat epoxy system. The base-coat consisted of GP3569, the base-coat is applied to penetrate the slab, seal the concrete and give our topcoat something to bind to. For the topcoat, we applied another coating GP3569. GP3569 is a high solid, multi-purpose epoxy resin formulated to function as a primer, binder or as a topcoat.

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Conclusion: This very budget-friendly system often referred to as a grind and seal allowed for a return to service in as little as 8 hours after the topcoat is applied and only took 72 hours to install even with the extensive prep! This flooring option is great for those who want to keep their existing floor intact while giving it an upgrade and not break the bank with a full floor system,  but still, want to make their warehouse look great and function at a higher level.

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