Animal Care Epoxy Floors 

Project Overview: Animal Care Epoxy Floors for Veterinarian.

Existing Conditions: This veterinarian hospital had an existing epoxy floor system with cove base installed. 

Preparation of existing condition: Our prep team began with removing the existing cove-base from each wall. We then Installed key-ways at all terminations to ensure system thickness while eliminating any elevation differences. From here our team scarified the existing epoxy system to create a mechanical bond and establish a mechanical profile.

Products Installed: Prior to installing our epoxy primer, our team solvent wiped the substrate to ensure that we had a clean surface to bond our beautifully new animal care floor. From here we applied a two-component 100% solids epoxy primer and broadcasted colored quartz directly into the primer. Once our primer was fully cured the install team removed any excessive decorative quartz and applied the second broadcast coat of 100% solids epoxy by Dur-A-Flex, Dura-Gard, and proceeded to broadcast a second layer of the custom quartz selected by our client. After removing the excess quartz our install team applied a grout coat, or first topcoat, using 100% solid epoxy. Finally, our installation team applied the second generation polyaspartic provided by Dur-A-Flex, Accelera. This topcoat allowed for chemical resistance to uric acids and the high concentrations of caustic being used daily. Not only does this polyaspartic topcoat offer chemical resistance but it maintains a high-gloss sheen and resists UV degradation. 


Conclusion: Our installation team removed the existing cove base and established a new seamless radial cove to create a clean room atmosphere for this clients' veterinarian epoxy flooring system. Along with functionality, our client had the ability to create a custom and aesthetically pleasing quartz or flake animal care epoxy floors.

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